Фон - для инвесторов
For investors
Guaranteed completion of the building works

If your life is mapped out day-by-day and you do not want to be distracted by anything, our unrivalled Sky Skolkovo concierge service will search for a tenant without your participation. Participate in business which is more important for you while we provide you with the apartment rental income, with a 20% reward deducted from this amount. The monthly rent for the apartment may amount to around 40,000 rubles. Your profit with minimal investments can be *32,000 rubles * per month.

High rate-of-return

A significantly higher rental rate for the apartments is due to a full cycle of services, which residential estates often lack. At the same time, the apartment rental rate is significantly lower than that in hotel complexes / hotels, which is always more attractive for tenants who value high-quality service.

Purchasing an apartment in Sky Skolkovo, you get an asset that earns you an average return * of 10% per annum *.

Low threshold of investment
The cost of apartments in Sky Skolkovo is 15% lower than that of classical residential houses in the nearest location.
Minimal payback period

The high profitability of the apartments in comparison with flats will reduce the payback period. With minimal investment and transfer of the management of the apartment to the Sky Skolkovo concierge service, the payback period of your apartment can be * 8-10 years * taking into account that an average annual cost increase of real estate is 10 percent.

Non-susceptibility to inflation

Now the price of real estate – the most reliable way of investing funds – is dropping due to low market volatility.

Nowadays, the country’s leading banks offer different rates of return on deposits. However, any money on deposit is subject to annual inflation, the rate of which is almost commensurate with the bank interest rate return.
The acquisition of apartments in Sky Skolkovo is a reliable and profitable investment.

Finishing operations
There are four options for choosing the type of finishing, a mortgage with fit-out loan, saving time and reducing expenditures for decoration materials and works, taking up residence without delay.
Payment methods
100 percent payment. Interest-free instalment plan. Unique conditions for a mortgage
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